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Aggravated Assault Lawyer in Knox County, TN

If you have been charged with assault or any other violent crime, the lawyer you choose to help with your case can have a dramatic effect on the outcome. It is crucial to choose an attorney who will fight for you and who is dedicated to protecting your rights. Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney, is prepared to offer the responsible, aggressive representation you need and deserve.

Understanding Assault Charges Under Tennessee Law

The law in Tennessee defines assault in three separate ways. You can be charged with assault if you:

  • Cause injury to another person as a result of intentional or reckless action. Hitting another person or throwing an object that hits another person would be an example of this type of assault.
  • Intentionally cause another person to fear imminent injury. Throwing a punch or object that misses, for example, might be considered assault; and
  • Intentionally contact another person in a manner that is "extremely offensive or provocative." Slapping someone in the face or an aggressive shove during a confrontation might be examples of assault under this definition.

Under the first two definitions, assault is charged as a Class A misdemeanor with possible penalties of up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. The third category of assault is a Class B misdemeanor, carrying up to six months of jail time and a $500 fine.

Aggravated Assault Defense in Campbell County

There are several factors that could elevate a charge of simple assault to aggravated assault. For example, if the assault results in serious injury, strangulation, or involves a deadly weapon, prosecutors could bring charges of aggravated assault. Intent is a consideration as well. An assault that is intentional is treated as a more serious offense than one that is considered to be reckless.

In addition to the offenses of simple and aggravated assault, the law in Tennessee also recognizes the crime of domestic assault as a separate offense. An assault that is committed against a person with whom the perpetrator has a domestic relationship as defined in the law is considered to be domestic assault. Domestic assault begins as a Class A misdemeanor and may be elevated based on the circumstances.

Helping Clients Protect Their Rights

When you are facing charges of assault, your life can be seriously impacted. Aside from the possible criminal consequences, your personal and professional reputation could be at stake. It is critical to contact an attorney immediately so that your rights are fully protected. You should not answer questions from the police or sign any documents without an attorney present. Anything you say or sign could be used against you later.

Attorney Jeffrey Coller will thoroughly investigate the details of your arrest and the circumstances that led to it. Based on the results of that investigation, he and his team will begin building a case to minimize the damage to your future. We will also ensure that you are treated with respect and dignity throughout the process.

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