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Defending Against Federal Child Pornography Charges in Tennessee

In Tennessee, federal child pornography charges are taken extremely seriously, and those who are convicted of these offenses can face severe consequences. If you or someone you know is facing federal charges related to child pornography in Tennessee, it is important to understand the potential penalties that may apply following a conviction. At Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney, we can help you determine the best options for defending against these accusations and avoiding a criminal conviction.

Federal Child Pornography Laws

Child pornography offenses often fall under federal jurisdiction because involve the distribution of materials through online platforms. Several laws are specifically aimed at prosecuting people who are accused of committing these types of crimes. These laws include:

  • Sexual exploitation of children (18 U.S.C. § 2251) - This law criminalizes the use of children to create explicit sexual materials, including the production, possession, distribution, receipt, or transportation of images or videos that are considered child pornography.
  • Materials involving the sexual exploitation of minors (18 U.S.C. § 2252) - This law prohibits the possession, transportation, distribution, or receipt of child pornography.
  • Transportation of minors (18 U.S.C. § 2423) - This law prohibits people from transporting children through multiple states or countries or traveling across state lines or internationally for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct with a minor.
  • Sex trafficking of children (18 U.S.C. § 1591) - This law makes it a crime to engage in any trafficking activities in which minors will be involved in commercial sex acts.

All of these laws are designed to protect children from exploitation by imposing severe penalties on those found guilty of such crimes.

Potential Penalties for Federal Child Pornography Charges

If convicted of federal child pornography charges in Tennessee, a person may face significant legal penalties that can have lifelong consequences:

  • Mandatory minimum sentences: Depending on factors such as the age range of children depicted in pornographic materials and prior convictions for similar offenses, mandatory prison sentences may apply. In many cases, the minimum sentence for offenses involving the distribution of child pornography is five years. For more serious offenses involving child exploitation, mandatory minimum sentences of 10 or 15 years may apply, and a person could potentially be sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Fines: Defendants can receive substantial fines ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the specific offense, the circumstances surrounding a case, and whether they earned money through the sale or distribution of child pornography.
  • Restitution: In some cases, people who are convicted of child pornography offenses may be ordered to make monetary payments to victims to address the damages caused by their actions.
  • Social consequences: A conviction on federal child pornography charges can also result in a lasting social stigma, limited employment opportunities, loss of professional licenses or certifications, and difficulties in personal relationships.

How Our Firm Can Help

If you are facing child pornography charges in Tennessee, Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney is here to defend your rights and provide guidance throughout the legal process. Our team has extensive experience handling complex sex crime cases, and we can help you build a solid defense strategy. We understand the sensitivity surrounding these charges, and we will treat you with the utmost compassion while maintaining your privacy at all times.

We provide knowledgeable representation through:

  • Gathering evidence: Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case, analyze the evidence presented against you by federal prosecutors, consult with forensic experts when necessary, gather exculpatory evidence that strengthens your defense, critically examine witness testimony, and challenge any questionable tactics used during an investigation or arrest.
  • Plea negotiations: If taking the case to trial presents a risk of an undesirable outcome, we can use our negotiation skills during plea bargain discussions with prosecutors, discreetly seeking reductions in the penalties that will be applied following a conviction.
  • Providing expert testimony: We can work with top experts in various fields, such as computer forensics, child psychology, or Internet technology, who can provide critical insight during your trial and testify on your behalf.
  • Fighting for your rights at trial: If a favorable resolution to federal child pornography charges cannot be achieved through negotiation, our skilled attorneys are prepared to mount a strong defense by presenting compelling arguments backed by thorough investigation and meticulous preparation.

When you work with Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney, you can rest assured that you have an experienced legal advocate in your corner. We understand the gravity of federal child pornography cases, and we will ensure that every avenue is explored while tenaciously fighting for the best possible outcome.

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