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Tennessee Online Solicitation of a Minor Attorney

Defense attorney in Tennessee for online solicitation of a minor charges

Attorney for Online Solicitation of a Minor Claims in Tennessee

In today's digital age, the internet has become an integral part of our lives. While it provides numerous benefits and conveniences for people, the ways people use the internet have raised concerns about the exploitation of children and the actions of those who may be considered predators. In some cases, people may be accused of engaging in inappropriate conversations with minors online, and they could be charged with child sex crimes. In Tennessee, online solicitation of a minor is taken very seriously by law enforcement agencies and prosecutors, and those who have been accused of these offenses will need to understand their options for defense.

At Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney, we have represented clients in multiple types of criminal cases, including those involving accusations of sex crimes. We understand the complex issues that may be involved in these cases, and we work to help our clients respond to the accusations against them, defend against convictions, and protect their reputations.

Criminal Charges for Online Solicitation of a Minor

Online solicitation generally refers to the act of using electronic communication platforms to engage in sexually explicit conversations with someone who is under the age of 18. The specific charges and penalties that may apply in these cases will depend on the types of communication between an adult and a minor and whether the alleged offender attempted to meet the child in person and engage in illegal sexual activity.

The offense of soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor may apply if a person allegedly communicated with a child online in a sexual manner. This may include attempts to induce or persuade a child into engaging in sexual activity that could be considered child pornography, such as taking photos or videos or performing in front of a webcam. This offense is a Class B felony. If an adult allegedly engaged in sexual activity that was viewed by a minor or otherwise exposed a minor to obscene material, they may be charged with a Class E felony, and charges may be elevated to a Class C felony if the minor in question was under the age of 13.

If a person is accused of communicating online with a minor and attempting to meet them in person to engage in sexual activity, they may be charged with the offense of solicitation of a minor. Any attempts to hire, persuade, or invite a minor to engage in activities that would be considered child sex crimes may result in criminal charges. The specific penalties for this offense will be one class of felony lower than the charges that would apply for the offense in question. For example, if a person allegedly attempted to engage in sexual intercourse with a child between the ages of 13 and 18, and the person was at least 10 years older than the minor in question, this offense would be considered aggravated statutory rape. Since aggravated statutory rape is a Class D felony, the person may be charged with a Class E felony for online solicitation.

Defenses for Online Solicitation Charges

If you are facing charges for online solicitation of a minor in Tennessee, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a sex crimes defense attorney who will explore all possible defenses on your behalf. Some possible defenses may include:

  • Mistaken age: If you reasonably believed the child in question was over the age of 18 based on their appearance or representations made by them, this could potentially be used as a defense.
  • Lack of evidence: Your attorney can scrutinize the evidence against you and challenge its admissibility if it was obtained unlawfully.
  • Factual disputes: Your lawyer may present alternative explanations or interpretations regarding the nature and context of your conversations with the alleged minor.

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If you are facing accusations of online solicitation of a minor in Tennessee, it is essential to consult with a criminal defense lawyer. At Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney, we will work to protect your rights throughout every stage of the legal process, and we will work diligently to build a strong defense strategy based on the specifics of your case. We have extensive experience handling cases involving alleged sexual offenses. We understand the complexities and sensitivities surrounding these types of charges, and we are committed to providing you with aggressive representation while ensuring your rights are protected at all times.

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