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Knox County Financial Crime and Forgery Criminal Lawyer

Financial crimes, also called white collar crimes, generally include various types of fraud, as well as forgery, embezzlement, identity theft, and many other offenses. While they are non-violent in nature, these types of crimes are thoroughly investigated and prosecuted at both the state and federal levels. The penalties for a conviction are severe, and even first-time offenders are likely to face prison time.

At the Knox County law firm of Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney, we work on behalf of business executives, officers, managers, shareholders, and others who have been accused of white collar crime. In many cases, our clients are business professionals with no previous experience with the criminal justice system. With this in mind, we work hard to protect our clients' rights and to help them minimize the impact on their lives.

Fraud Defense in Union County

An individual commits fraud by intentionally misrepresenting important facts or details in an attempt to deceive others and for illicit personal gain on the part of the perpetrator. Fraud can be committed by providing misleading information or by omitting important details. There are many different types of fraud, and examples include:

  • Insurance fraud: Submitting false claims for payment by the insurance company;
  • Tax fraud: Failing to make a full disclosure on tax returns;
  • Credit card fraud: Using another person's name to open a credit card account or using their card without authorization;
  • Loan fraud: Falsifying loan documents to obtain a loan or avoid high interest rates;
  • Social security fraud: Making false statements to secure eligibility for government assistance programs; and
  • Many others.

The severity of the charges against you and the associated penalties will depend on the nature of the alleged crime and the amount of money involved. Our team will help you fully understand your situation and your available options.

Tennessee Counsel for Forgery Cases

Forgery is a type of fraudulent behavior that is taken very seriously by Tennessee courts. A person commits forgery by falsifying any document with the goal of harming or defrauding another individual or entity. This includes signing another person's name on a check or other documents, as well as creating documents that are false in their entirety.

Under Tennessee law, forgery is at least a Class E felony, and the charges may be elevated depending on the amount of harm to the victim. It is also possible to face forgery charges at the federal level as well. Either way, Attorney Jeffrey Coller has the legal knowledge and experience to help you face charges related to forgery.

Protecting Your Future

At our firm, our goal to help you avoid a conviction and to stay out of jail. Financial crimes can be especially complicated because of the details and paperwork involved. A successful defense may require a careful review of bank records, credit reports, contracts, and other corporate documents. It is also important to fully understand what you have been accused of and why you are being accused. Our team will work closely with you to investigate the circumstances of your case and advise you of your available options. For example, you might able to avoid a conviction by working with prosecutors and paying restitution, but if you have been wrongfully accused, we will help you present your case in court as well.

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