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All it takes is one careless or foolish decision to possibly ruin your child's life. If your child has been arrested and charged with a crime, it is important to act quickly, regardless of the charges. Depending on the type of offense and the severity of the charge, your child's entire future could be at stake. Some juvenile convictions can become a part of your child's permanent record, potentially making it harder for him or her to take advantage of employment, educational, or professional opportunities down the road.

At the Knox County law firm of Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney, we are ready to help you and your family build a responsible, aggressive defense against whatever charges your child may be facing. Contact our office before talking to the police, prosecutors, or anyone from the Department of Children's Services (DCS). We can assist you in protecting your child's rights and their long-term best interests.

Understanding the Tennessee Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile court system in Tennessee was created to help the state manage the issue of juvenile crime, also called delinquency. Compared to the "standard" criminal justice system, the juvenile system is generally more focused on rehabilitation, education, and preventing a juvenile from offending again in the future. The policies, rules, and procedures followed in juvenile court are very different from those used to prosecute adults. For these reasons, it is important to work with an attorney who understands the juvenile system and who has experience with juvenile cases.

Attorney Jeffrey Coller and his team have the knowledge, experience, and legal tools to help you and your child defend against charges related to:

While it is possible for your child to face incarceration in a juvenile correctional facility, there are many other penalties that could be ordered as well, including probation, expensive fines, restitution to victims, and community service. Your son or daughter could also be required to participate in counseling or behavioral health treatment programs as well.

Finding Solutions in Campbell and Anderson County

In most juvenile cases, prosecutors are willing to work with a young defendant to find a solution that will benefit the juvenile, especially for a first offense. Our team will negotiate on your child's behalf to minimize the charges, as well as the possible impact on your child's future. Of course, if your child has been falsely accused, we will work hard to secure an acquittal or a full dismissal of the charges.

Depending on your child's age and the nature of the crime for which he or she is accused, your child could face prosecution as an adult in the Tennessee justice system. If this happens, your child will face the same potential penalties as any other offender, including a permanent criminal record. We will do everything we can to show that your child's case should be kept in juvenile court if possible, and we will advocate for your child's best interests every step of the way.

Contact an Experienced Knoxville Juvenile Defense Attorney

If you have questions about the juvenile court system in Tennessee, or if your child has been charged with a juvenile offense, contact our office. Call 865-281-1000 to schedule a free, confidential consultation with Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney today. We represent juvenile defendants in Knoxville, Farragut, Mascot, Union County, Anderson County, Campbell County, Blount County, Knox County, and throughout eastern Tennessee.

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