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Accused of Stalking in Tennessee? Here’s What to Know

 Posted on May 24,2024 in Criminal Defense

TN defense lawyerSome crimes seem more subjective than others. For example, say you are accused of stealing a car from a parking lot. The way you feel about the car’s owner and the way the car owner feels about you do not matter. If someone else owns a car and you break into the car and take it without their permission, it is a pretty clear-cut case of car theft.

 Other crimes are less objectively proven than that. For example, you might express your interest in friends you care about in a more intensive way than other people typically do. One friend might like all the attention you give them and how interested you are in their life, but another might be uncomfortable with it and could end up accusing you of stalking. The consequences of a stalking charge can be severe and affect you for the rest of your life. If you are worried someone might accuse you of stalking, speak with a skilled Tennessee criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights and build a strong defense.

What Does Stalking Mean?

According to Tennessee law, stalking is when someone purposely and repeatedly harasses someone else in any way that would make a reasonable person feel scared, threatened, intimidated, harassed, or molested. That means that whether you are accused of stalking or not depends on how the other person feels about your behavior.

Stalking Behaviors

In many cases, the accuser and the accused know each other and they have often had some sort of relationship before. Typical behaviors that might be considered stalking include:

  • Showing up uninvited at the accuser’s home, school, or job
  • Following the accuser
  • Calling the accuser on the phone
  • Tracking the accuser with GPS
  • Sending unwanted letters, emails, text messages, or gifts to the accuser

A main component of a stalking accusation is that the conduct needs to be repetitive. If you sent one unwanted gift or showed up at their home once, it is not enough. If you showed up twice or more, however, they might have a case against you.

What Should I Do if I Am Accused of Stalking?

The most important thing you should do if you find out you are being accused of stalking is to speak with a reliable defense lawyer. They will advise you not to speak to your accuser and not to have any contact with the police without them there. They will also be able to review your case and the full background leading up to the accusation and build a strong defense to refute the accusations.

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If you are being accused of stalking, make sure to have a knowledgeable Knoxville, TN criminal defense attorney by your side. At Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney, we fight hard to protect our clients’ rights, and we have a proven track record of presenting a strong defense regardless of the accusations. Call us at 865-281-1000 to schedule a free consultation.

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