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Does Knoxville Have Strict First Offense DUI Laws? 

 Posted on May 30,2023 in DUI/DWI/BUI

Blount County Criminal Defense AttorneyKnoxville, Tennessee, is a beautiful city in the southern United States. Like many other states in the US, Tennessee has strict laws regarding driving under the influence (DUI). The consequences of drinking and driving can be severe and, in some cases, even deadly. You may be wondering if Knoxville has strict first-offense DUI laws, and the answer is yes!

Today, we will look closer at the laws in Knoxville surrounding first time DUI offenses and what you can expect to face if you are charged with one. For individuals who are facing charges related to drunk driving, it is essential to hire a seasoned criminal defense attorney to help fight charges and pursue a favorable case outcome

What to Expect if You Are Charged with Your First DUI

Tennessee takes first-time DUIs very seriously, with a conviction bringing down a cascade of legal penalties on those convicted. The minimum fine for a first-time DUI in Knoxville is $350 but can reach up to $1,500. The offender may also face up to 11 months and 29 days in jail, with a required minimum sentence of at least 48 hours. The severity level of the consequences will largely depend on the blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of arrest. If the BAC is above .20 percent, the offender may be required to spend seven days in jail instead of the minimum of 48 hours

In Knoxville, anyone convicted of a first-time DUI may also have their driver’s license suspended for up to a year. The state acknowledges that the year in which your license is suspended, your life will still go on, and not having a license will make it a whole lot more difficult. As a result, offenders may be able to pursue opportunities where they can retain their license in a restricted capacity. Meaning you will only be able to drive at certain times and to specified places, such as school or work.

In addition to these penalties, the offender may also be required to attend an alcohol and DUI education program. It is also important to note that a DUI conviction in Tennessee can have consequences such as increased insurance premiums, difficulty finding employment, and trouble attending certain educational institutions

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