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What Are the Different Types of Fraud in Tennessee?

 Posted on July 07,2020 in White Collar Crimes

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Everyone has had the experience of pretending to be something or someone they are not. This is a common occurrence when young adults try new looks or hobbies as they begin to discover who they are as they mature. Trying something new may not be considered a crime, but when this new self-representation becomes deceptive, things can get more complicated. This is especially true with companies who take advantage of curious consumers’ ignorance toward their company or the money they are handing over. These corporations can also use these deceptive tactics to gain a mass of followers willing to work alongside them. Maybe you are a victim of fraud or did not realize that what you were participating in is considered a white-collar crime in Tennessee. Whether you started the fraudulent activity or were tricked into being a participant, you should seek the help of a reputable criminal defense lawyer.

Types of Fraud

There are a number of different types of fraud, all of which prey on the ignorance of consumers. If you are found guilty as a participant of the following practices, you may face serious criminal accusations under Tennessee and federal laws:

  • Advance Fee Fraud: This is a common issue that investors may face if they are not paying close attention to the details of their payments. Fraudulent companies may ask investors to pay a fee upfront in order for the deal to go through, without the investor receiving any money, stocks, or proceeds beforehand. Once the advance fee is paid, the fraudulent company will keep that money.

  • Internet and Social Media Fraud: In this digital age, it is common to see various foundations or charities collecting money through social media posts and donors. While this may be an easily accessible medium for receiving donations, it also makes it easier for social media users to fall victim to fraudulent requests. Many of the charities or foundations listed online are not actually tied to a charitable organization and are really backed by a fraudulent individual collecting all of the donated funds.

  • Pyramid Schemes: This hierarchical pyramid is extremely deceptive and poses as a legitimate business in which employees are meant to recruit others. The promoter will typically promise a high financial return in a short amount of time but no genuine products or services are being sold. Money is made simply by recruiting more participants. Those involved in a pyramid scheme may not realize it until they are fully invested in the company.

Call a Knoxville, TN Criminal Defense Attorney

In the midst of social media and high Internet usage, it is easy to fall victim to fraud. Maybe you have invested a large sum of money into a “charity” and have begun promoting said foundation or perhaps you have spent the last few years recruiting individuals for a pyramid scheme before realizing what you were doing. Due to your participation in the fraudulent organization, you may be facing accusations to which you were unaware. Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney, helps those who are facing charges of fraud or forgery formulate a strong defense strategy. Whether you were unfamiliar with the definition of fraud, ignorant to the purpose behind your work, or were not involved in fraudulent activity at all, our skilled legal team will assist you. To schedule your free consultation, call our diligent Knox County fraud defense lawyers today at 865-281-1000.



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