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What Are the Possible Verdicts if I Fight My Tennessee Traffic Ticket?

 Posted on March 05, 2020 in Traffic Violations

Knox County traffic ticket defense attorney

Seeing blue and red flashing lights in your rearview mirror can bring on some of the worst feelings. You may panic about the level of violation that you are about to be given, your stomach drops at the thought of the fine that you may be required to pay, and you consider how this incident will affect your driving record. A single ticket with a low fine may seem like a small price to pay when compared to the other legal consequences that you can receive for breaking the law. However, the points assigned to speeding violations can quickly add up on your driving record. With too many points, you could lose your driver's license. While you can choose to accept the ticket that you have been given, fighting your traffic violation may often be the better option.

Potential Outcomes

To fight your ticket, you will need to appear in court to present your case, but before deciding to go through this legal process, you should understand what the possible verdicts and results may be:

  1. Not Guilty: This is the most straightforward and desired result. If you present your case well in court, the judge may find you not guilty. If this is the verdict you receive, you will not be required to pay any of the fees or sentencing tied to your traffic violation. The points that would have gone on your record from the ticket will also be removed. Obtaining a not guilty verdict is difficult to do on your own, and you will be much more likely to succeed if you are represented by an experienced attorney.

  2. Guilty: Unfortunately, when you take your case to court, you may receive a guilty verdict. Without proper preparation or legal assistance, this is often the case. If you are found guilty, most courts will require you to pay your ticket and all court costs, and they may also tack on an additional fee.

  3. Retiring Your Ticket: The goal of going to court is to avoid the ticket fees as well as the points that will be added to your record. In some cases, a court may decide to uphold the ticket fees but “retire” the infraction from your record. This means that the ticket will not show up on your driving record once the fees are paid. Depending on the court, you may be required to attend driving school. Failure to disclose full information regarding previous tickets can lead to a refusal to retire. In other words, if you are not honest about your driving record from the past few years, the court will typically not retire your ticket.

Contact a Knox County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Every citizen has a right to contest any criminal charges that they may face—including traffic violations. In Tennessee, there are multiple ways to challenge these charges, and legal counsel is always advised. Attorney Jeffrey Coller fights aggressively for his clients to help them achieve the best possible outcome. If you are considering fighting a Tennessee traffic violation, call our experienced Knoxville traffic violations defense attorneys at 865-281-1000 to schedule a free consultation.




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