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Where Can I Legally Carry My Gun in Tennessee?

 Posted on February 06,2020 in Criminal Defense

Knox County weapons violation defense attorneyMany people have the false assumption that concealed carry laws allow Americans to carry guns wherever and whenever they would like. Each state has different regulations regarding gun safety and freedom, including one’s right to carry a gun in public places. Tennessee upholds concealed carry laws but requires those with the proper licenses to have a comprehensive understanding of the stipulations that come along with it. With nearly 600,000 active concealed carry permits in Tennessee, it is crucial to know the details of this powerful law to avoid potential weapons charges.

Concealed Carry Facts

One of the most important aspects to understand about gun rights is where one can and cannot carry a concealed weapon. It is a good idea to know the details of the law whether or not you have a license. For those with active licenses, this knowledge will help them avoid serious criminal charges, and for those without licenses, it can help them notify law enforcement if a situation warrants it. Some details you should be aware of include:

  1. Vehicle Carry: Tennessee laws allow citizens to carry a registered weapon in their vehicles, whether they have an active concealed carry license or not. Vehicles must be privately owned, including cars, boats, and RVs. A firearm can be kept anywhere in the vehicle; however, a gun cannot be carried on someone's person.

  2. State Park Safety: Many states do not allow citizens to carry guns in state parks, even if they have a valid concealed carry license. Tennessee grants its citizens the right to carry guns in state parks, state/national forests, state wildlife management areas, and roadside rest areas with an active license.

  3. “No Weapons” Signs: Like most states, private property owners in Tennessee are allowed to post “no weapons” signs on their property. Those with an active license are not allowed to bring their weapon on any property that has these signs posted.

  4. Concealed or Not Concealed: Concealed carry licenses allow individuals to carry and cover their weapons, but license holders are also allowed to carry weapons in an open manner. 

  5. Restaurant Safety: Unlike many states, Tennessee allows its citizens to bring guns into restaurants that sell alcohol, as long as no sign prohibits it. As previously mentioned, private property owners can post “no weapons” signs if they wish, but without this sign, customers are allowed to bring a gun inside.

Contact a Knox County Criminal Defense Attorney 

Tennessee may have fairly open policies regarding the Second Amendment; however, the penalties for breaking these laws can be severe. The charges can range from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class B felony depending on the situation and the weapon involved. The best way to fight any charges that you may be facing is to speak to an experienced attorney. Jeffrey Coller, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney provides aggressive representation for those facing any form of criminal charges, and he will help you determine the best strategy for avoiding consequences and moving on to a better future. If you are facing weapons charges and are looking for legal assistance, contact our Knoxville, TN weapons violation lawyer at 865-281-1000 for a free consultation.


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